A shipyard to be experienced.


At the Chowgule Group, we’ve had a long tradition of operating in and providing services to the marine industry. Our journey started in the 1930s as shipping agents in the port town of Mormugao, Goa. Over the subsequent decades, we’ve diversified (and consolidated) our maritime capabilities.

Today, we have operations in shipbuilding (with a focus on export vessels for European markets and the Indian Navy and Coast Guard fleet), port infrastructure and cargo terminals, shipping with bulk carriers, chemical tankers and turnkey supply chain and shipping services.

Over time, many of our infrastructure developments have been constrained by the areas we operated from - availability of land, draft, etc. We felt that there was an opportunity to grow and showcase a facility in India that was truly world class - in terms of its layout, planning, facilities, equipment, service offerings and quality of people.

It is from this vision that the Chowgule Group developed the Lavgan Shipyard. We’re proud of the people that have contributed to its development - from the on-time and within-budget construction to the range of work that we’ve been able to successfully deliver since its inception in 2014